Learn the Kriya Yoga – the Great Freedom Tantra

This profound exploration on the bliss of Kriya Yoga – the Great Freedom Tantra is the very roots of Kundalini.
This Kriya Yoga works with the cross over of the kriyas (cleansing practices) and Kriya Yoga which works with chakra dharana and pranayama.
Chakra dharana leads to working with the syllables of light.
These mantras, (syllables of light) are the ones worked with in the Tantric practices from both the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra and the Mahanirvana Tantra.

As one of the key liberating practices of yoga-tantra it is a fantastic and liberating inquiry.
I was initiated into these practices in India and Asia and have been practising and developing them in various forms for almost twenty years.
It will give you a deeper insight into authentic Tantra.
We will be working with Yantra, Mantra and Nyasa the key practices of authentic Tantra.
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dive deep

What does this mean? It means you get to focus on growing your practice using all my skills and expertise so you get the very best out of your practice. It means we get up early and begin with meditation and use our best energy to find the deep source of awareness within. It means we will have three to four sessions of yoga each day. It means on our day off you get to go into a beautiful location in nature and rewild, recreate and regenerate.

We will practice

  • meditation
  • pranayama
  • kriya yoga
  • work with the force of kundalini
  • understand the philosophy of love and wisdom
  • work in delight with vibration, voice and chant
  • explore healing in your body and mind as needed
  • work with strong and appropriate physical practices every day
  • supporting each other in being the most amazing being we can be


simple vegetarian, locally sourced, organic food

Retreat rules

No tobacco, alcohol, or recreational narcotics. No blame, shame, justification or excuses. Only joy, love, wonder, awe, peace, fun and other good stuff.

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Start Date

Fri 20th Jul 2018

End Date

Fri 27th Jul 2018



£ 950