This retreat is designed to take you off-grid for 6 nights to spend time in nature and away from the superficiality of modern day life. During your time here, you will be looked after by two yoga teachers, Polly and Amera. Each yoga day will be planned around a Yama or Niyama, these are ethics of living or yogic demeanours that provide the human spirit with something wholesome to live by.

You will receive a dynamic range of yoga during your time in Portugal. The morning classes will be energetic, and uplifting based around a vinyasa flow style practice. We will often have 1.5 hours of practice in the morning, so we have some special treats for you that range from laughing yoga, kundalini yoga, ashtanga yoga, silent yoga, visualisation meditation and healing meditations. The evening classes will be a mixture between yin and restorative yoga, that aim to relax the body for the evening.

We have a lovely cook onsite that will provide you with nourishing vegetarian food throughout your stay and your accommodation will be in shared tipis around the site. There are a couple of lakes and some nice hikes around the area that you are welcome to explore alone if you wish, or alternatively we will be organising some hikes as a group.

This is a great retreat for you to develop your yoga practice without the hustle and bustle of working life and fast paced society getting in your way. It is a time for you to unwind, be in nature and explore the wonder and mystery of life by focusing on the sacred in everyday experience.

Start Date

Mon 3rd Sep 2018

End Date

Sun 9th Sep 2018