A non-profit organisation


We are a non profit organisation working for the development of consciousness and the protection of the natural heritage.
Our Aim is to restore the ecosystem by gently moving away from the eucalyptus and pine monoculture to a more bio-diverse condition.
We are enhancing the preservation and reintroduction of natice species by using permaculture principles, water retention systems and an ecological approach.


We are planting orchards and designing gardens, reintroducing indigenous species and looking after the many varieties of wild plants that came with the land being abandoned for 70 years. We are aiming to create spaces that resonate with the surroundings

The people

Shobha Brennan

Shobha is half Portugese, her great, great, great grandfather was from Gravito. She was managing director of the Relaxation Centre, a spa and holistic centre in Bristol, for 9 years before moving to Portugal.

Miguel Humblet

Miguel is a Belgian designer and maker. Passionate about sacred space and self transformation, he has been holding the vision for Gravito for many years.

The place

Gravito is nestled in the landscape as if it was hugged by it.


Gravito was abandoned like many “aldeias” of its kind many years ago, leaving the work of generations to be overtaken by wilderness. We are restoring the buildings and the terraces bit by bit with the help of family, friends and volunteers. There are hundreds of metres of old dry walls to protect and reclaim in order to reveal all its potential and beauty.

I want to do to you what the spring does to cherry trees.

— Pablo Neruda.


Gravito is a truly magical spot with many acres of land surrounded by forests. There are some great river waterfall swimming spots, many walking trails and it is at walking distance from a river beach with restaurants and local cafes.

We have individual terraces each with domes and tipis for group accommodation, a large outdoor shaded platform and a big geodesic dome for practice, and a barn with kitchen and dining room and outdoor dining area for the groups. Our project is ongoing. The restoration of part of the hamlet will provide further accommodation in the future.

Homegrown and locally sourced organic ingredients are available to create inventive and nutritious vegetarian cuisine.

We have worked alongside therapists and group leaders over many years, running a holistic centre in the UK and are now bringing workshops and retreats to Portugal.

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