Inside the circle
Sacred mixed Retreat

In a time of separation the cure is the union .

It was with this idea that this retreat was created. It comes out of a need and a deeper encounter with our polarities.
And yes we all, Women and Men, have polarities within us, but the proposal of this retreat is that we meet in different genders but with the sacred union of one heart.
I salute all the works of the Feminine and Masculine in group, I honour each work that is done and so necessary, here we work on this encounter that is so natural in our daily lives.
This gathering goes beyond what we can see, it brings back ancient memories of how we connect, not only as humanity, but as natural beings, with the connection to the spirit and all the elements, with our differences and our similarities.

Without a doubt Men and Women have different missions/functions, with this I do not and will not get into the gender war, we just want to observe and give space to where our essence allows us to be in harmony.

Each individual can explore that place, which we can consider our truth, our home.

Recognising each other’s place, honouring each role that each person, each gender has in this Place, will be a celebration for all as a sacred union.

We use the ancient tool and wisdom of the council in the form of the circle where self governance and emerging medicine rule. Allowing the old dynamic to play out and rest. With silence and sounds we enter the Sacred. With courage, honour and vulnerability we embody the voice of spirit. Walking in ceremony, laughing like children, loving like gods. This is our mystery school

This retreat will be a recognition of each gender, being witnesses to each other’s natural and spiritual connection, with the beauty of being living witnesses to the vulnerability of our union, guided by the spirits, by our guides, by all the elements and the subtle and invisible beings.

With All Our Love

Miguel & Miguel

“Balancing the polarities with union”.


➳ Mixed Sharing Circles
➳ Shadow Work
➳ Shamanic Journey & Practices
➳ Archetypes Embodiment
➳ Nature Exploration
➳ Intuitive Speaking
➳ Dynamic Meditation
➳ Manifestation & Liberation Rituals
➳ Sacred Fire Ceremony
➳ Sunrise Gathering
➳ River Ritual
➳ Ice Bath
➳ Vision Quest Breathwork and Trauma Release.
➳ Body Awareness


➳  Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine
➳  Archetypes
➳  Shamanism
➳  Ecology
➳  Agroforest
➳  Sacred Union of Masculine and Feminine
➳  Four Directions
➳  Four Elements
➳  Tensegrity
➳ Tantra Exercices
➳ Sacred Sound Journey
More Information

Start Date

Thu 1st Sep 2022

End Date

Tue 5th Jul 2022


Miguel Sevilhano


Miguel Sevilhano is a holistic therapist since 2005, moved by curiosity, he developed the ability to heal others with his own healing.
Lover of Nature, he combines various techniques in a natural way, blending the ancient and spiritual principles of Ayurveda, with a precise vision of Osteopathy, the gentleness of Cranial-Sacral therapy and with Breathwork for releasing traumas.
His work goes beyond 1:1 sessions, group rituals, group healing sessions are his passion, he facilitates the work for the Sacred Masculine.

Miguel Humblet


Miguel Humblet is an architect, ecologist and regenerator, sacred space holder , co-founder of Gravito Retreat Center.
He works with several global alliances on ecosystem regeneration and sacred activism.
He has 11 years of experience in holding space, the way of the council, shamanic works, men's groups and hosting retreats.
Miguel loves to bridge ecology and consciousness exploration through authenticity, spontaneity, intimacy with Spirit.

Monica Alquimia


Mónica Alquimia is a mother of 2, a nature lover, a traveller and a deep seeker of beauty, counsciousness and sacradness.

As an antropologist and researcher of ritual traditions of the native cultures she devoloped during the years her own path of wisdom and healing brindging the whisper of the primal and rooted earth knowledge in a nature based spirituality and lifestyle. Her holistic approach combines the ancient and spiritual with modern aproaches of energetic body work, breathwork, rebirthing, sistemic therapy and bodypsicoterapy.

Besides 1:1 therapy sessions and mentoring, her work is mainly based with groups, facilitating retreats, training courses and holding space for sacred rituals and art living performances.

The Price

Early Bird (until 30/06): 650€
Normal Price (from 01/07): 695€
Price for Person if you come as a couple : 610€
(in relationship or as a friend)