This is a 6 day immersion where we will dive into connection to the Wisdom Within, as we join, move, breathe, release, clear, let go, heal and Awaken...
Bringing you back into your wholeness.

Our Immersion Offers a collection of practices brought together and alchemised for you… the Modern day Woman. We believe you deserve the knowledge to take steps on your journey to heal yourself, we give these to you as a fully embodied experience, rooted deeply in the understanding and Knowing that what lands in the body stays with you and shifts at a cellular level, to bring you into a deep, rich and bountiful connection to your own inner wisdom
Connecting to THE TEACHER WITHIN….. WE Are Here To guide You Back Home To Yourself

We use Embodied Movement practices as medicine to shake up, unearth and awaken the hidden wisdom within your womb space

​Womb Yoga ​Healing yoga created to support seasons and cycles of a womans life, balancing hormones and cultivating energy.

Embodied Movement ​Intuituive movement guided from within, connecting body and breath, sensuality and sexuality creating space for new creation

Journey into Shakti Practices to awaken Shakti life force allowing her to rise up into your heart centre.

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Start Date

Sun 16th Jun 2019

End Date

Sat 22nd Jun 2019


Rebecca Wilson

Yoga Teacher


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