Three months after the wild fires in the area of Pedrogão Grande, the earth is in full selfregeneration processes.

There is a huge potential of renewal beyond the ashes. A new earth is waiting to be reborn.

More and more people are becoming aware that we are carrying responsibility in the unfolding of the fire events of last June. It is time to learn from the mistakes of the past and think about a healthy future from a new perspective. The challenge offered to us today is to assume our responsibility in co-building a new Earth, this time in collaboration with Her.

During four days, we will explore together the possibilities of cooperation with the Earth and the Nature Spirits to support this process. In nature realms, the bees are essential care-takers of the energy grids of the Earth. Bees are way more than pollinators and honey producers. The Bee Deva (the collective soul of the bees) carries huge wisdom about life/death/life cycles and Earth healing.

Through meditations at the hive, soul journeys, sound circles and practices of contact with the Nature Spirits of Gravito, we will become a collective vessel to receive informations and insights from the subtle realms and offer healing impulses to the charcoaled ground and trees.

Start Date

Wed 27th Sep 2017

End Date

Sat 30th Sep 2017


Sandira Belia


Sandira was born in France, from a mother bee-keeper, bathing in the bee world from an early age. During the last 5 years she has been exploring the interactions between the spiritual and the practical approaches of bee-keeping. She learned to communicate with the Deva of the bees, with nature spirits and other presences.
She has been living in Portugal -Alentejo- since 2011 and together with those allies from the subtle realms, she is co-creating a network of bee colonies and human beings who wish to work, heal and evolve together on a base of trust and mutual support.

financial participation:

This event is based on gift economy. We ask you to check honestly what feels right for you to give. Finances should not be an excuse to not participate if your heart says “yes”.



Food and accommodation: