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About Sally

Sally Sampson’s Luna Rhythms Yoga classes in Eastbourne, Sussex and around the world, are a call to humanity to return once more to a way of life that is more in tune to the natural rhythms of Gaia, Mother Earth and the cosmos. Human Beings are the only species on the Earth that have lost this rhythm, and in turn have caused disharmony within themselves and the planet. Sally, like many others in this time of great change, feels the return to this natural rhythm of balance and harmony, within nature and ourselves, is now imperative. This theme imbues all her classes, from the breathing exercises, to the yoga sequences,to the powerful sound healing, and her deep relaxation techniques.

“When we learn to live in harmony with ourselves,we can then live in harmony with each other. Gaia, our beautiful Mother Earth, feels these changes and the world heals. Quite simply we can then realise a Heaven on Earth and an Earth in Heaven. Om shanti, Hare Krishna, Blessed be, Amen!!!”

About Juliette

Juliette Bryant presents cutting edge nutritional information in an accessible, dynamic, fun and real way to show people how ‘delicious food can be your medicine.’ She has 20 years experience helping people to better health and happiness and gives talks, workshops and consultations around the world. She is the author of three books “Superfoods And How To Use Them”, “Divine Desserts” and “The Divine Detox Plan.”

Start Date

Sat 10th Jun 2017

End Date

Fri 16th Jun 2017


Sally Sampson

Yoga Teacher

Juliette Bryant

Expert nutritionist