Healing & Yoga Retreat for women - Awaken through the universe, nature & your guidance within

My offering to you on these 6 days, is for you to rediscover your intuitive and loving, courageous heart. To be able to show up in this world as the truest expression of who you are. Guided through energetic and profound practices to develop trust in your heart and to live from a place that honours your needs as a woman in todays world

This retreat is for you if:

  • You feel curious to dive in and explore deeper healing on all levels, mental, physical and spiritual.

  • You are a yoga teacher/healer who wishes to take another step into deepening your healing journey.

  • You feel the call to awaken to your deep wisdom as woman, we all have it, we just need a little help to reveal its gold.

This is for the women looking for something beyond the asana that’s not just a yoga retreat.
Yes, there will be yoga to support and nourish the deep work we will be doing. However, the central focus of these 6 days is to explore the natural flow of life through carefully and lovingly curated practices that support the awakening of your intuitive being.

We will be awakening and growing with:

  • gentle & supportive yoga

  • breath exploration

  • meditation & silence

  • dynamic meditation

  • intuitive dance

  • reiki

  • thai yoga massage

  • yoga nidra

  • ritual practices & creation

  • women’s circle

  • immersing in nature (Gravito has its own river and waterfall to swim in)

  • awakening intuition

  • inner child work

  • shadow work

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Start Date

Thu 2nd Sep 2021

End Date

Wed 8th Sep 2021



• Double Dome or Tipi → 1320 €
• Triple/quad Dome or tipi → 1260 €