The listening Circle(in person)

Nothing change minds, build connections, and inspires new ideas like a good story.

The good news is that everyone has stories worth telling, and worth listening to.

Learn to create spaces where these stories can be shared and heard, to inspire change.

The Listening Circle is a practice that can be used in any setting, from corporate boardrooms to school classrooms; in retreat settings and remote workplaces; in scientific working groups to intentional living communities; in prisons and the halls of power.

Listening Circle practices have been proven to increase:

  • empathy

  • perspective taking

  • resilience

helping participants

  • incorporate vastly differing perspectives and feedback

  • listen beyond limiting assumptions

  • understand their colleagues and work ecosystem

cultivating a growth mindset and developmental culture of innovation.

For the We are Open Circle community of organizations, leaders, coaches and consultants:

Listening Circles build the foundation for self-transforming organizations, prepared to adapt in our rapidly changing world.

Our trainings are

  • fun

  • practical

  • uniquely grounded in science

  • accesses the natural world as a unique reflective tool

  • adapted to the culture and context of the time and place it is held

This course includes 8 hours of online training with videos, exercises, checklists and resources along with a weekend training on the magical lands of Gravito Portugal and deeper personal journey including coaching and application to your specific environment. This training is for a limited group of 16 to enable interaction and personal coaching in the practicum.


The Listening Circle: Key Elements of the Practice

  • Explore different forms of listening and how it affects the quality of our relationship, decision making, and actions.

  • Listening deeply

  • Exploring the basic elements

  • Listening Circle as a group mindfulness practice: witnessing the art-form of the group

Transformational Leadership

  • Practical skills in building individual and group resilience in transition and change

  • Exploring cycles of transition and transformation

  • Movement activities

  • Nature-based work that increases sensitivity, perception, and discernment

  • Social resiliency and somatic practice for nervous system regulation

Facilitating Emergent Dialogue online

  • Understanding key elements for facilitating a listening circle (preparation for practicum)

  • Leading for collective wisdom online

  • Using Zoom orientation and practice

  • Practice and coaching

Making it yours: leading a listening practice in your work and life

  • Apply the practice towards practical outcomes and to support resiliency,

  • balance, and transformation in work and life

  • Practical application and facilitator mentoring

  • Applying circle-based systems in different environments – invitations and the process for creation

  • Different types of circles – ongoing, work-based, one-off events, community, family, school.

More Information

Start Date

19th of April 2024 – 5pm

End Date

21st of April 2024- 3pm


Miriam Jones


Miriam is known as a thought leader in the area of transformational education, cultural change, and leadership. After developing a dual interest in business and education, Miriam began designing and delivering leadership programs and change efforts for organizations across the globe. Miriam is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded and led several organizations, from not-for-profits to corporations to co-operatives.

In efforts to look for new forms that could inform her organizational work and the changes she was witnessing in the world, Miriam turned her focus to learning forms influenced by indigenous nature-based cultures and societies: circle listening and healing practices, circle governance and rite of passage, and nature-based rituals.

Miriam has worked with clients across industries and right across the Globe, including PWC, Bank of America, Snapchat, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Coates, Coca-Cola Amatil, Ernst & Young, PWC and Westpac . She has held executive positions in both not for profits and for profit companies and founded three companies of her own.

Gordana Markovic


Gordana is a WOC trainer and facilitator, as well as a Yoga and Shiatsu Therapist. She assists individuals and groups in moving towards alignment of their inner nature with the outer nature. This process is a cultivation of self-awareness, experiential wisdom, resilience, adaptability in order to respond to change with greater ease and grace.

At the heart of her work is the merging of indigenous wisdom traditions, healing arts, mindfulness practices, medicine and wisdom of the land, all expressed through experiential ways of learning.

She carries the experience of living and studying on three different continents, Europe, North America and India. Learning from diversity of studies and cultures became essential in growing curiosity and understanding of human potential, intuition, the power of adaptability and its relationship to immunity to change and compassion.


$795 for all online course, weekend workshop, resources and handbook and 3 months of Circle Lab membership

Options to do four monthly payments of $210
A limited number of scholarships are available on application, email

Accommodation and food paid directly to the venue: 190 euros for the weekend includes all meals, shared accommodation and use of the grounds


Details, suggestions for travel are available on registration