We invite you on a journey into deep awareness. A week filled with a blend of Yoga, embodiment, AcroYoga, movement, breath- and bodywork, dance, meditation and massage.

Retreat from everyday life setting out on an adventure into the core of your existence. Dive into a deep feeling of being alive. Become aware of what is there right now. Invite life to flow through you, to breath you and express it’s creative power through you. Connect with other people, community and nature to feel whole and complete. Tune into a life of harmony and balance. Step towards your true inner blissful being. 
We don’t promise heaven, but we promise a heavenly fun journey in a protected and inspiring setup.

Cost & Booking

The cost for the teachings are 200€ for the first 3 subscribers. After that 324€ p.P. If you are a student, or a single mum you’ll always pay 200€ fee for the course. Cost for accommodation and food: 4-Bed Dome or tipi: 510€
On request you can book a double room (570€) or single occupation (690€). Let us know !
Extra treat: If more than 10 participants are joining, each person gets a 100€ refund. So bring your friends 😉

Further Information

We move and sense into our body to calm the mind. Through embodiment we get more aware of the present moment. We are also going to explore the movement of our breath, thoughts and emotions. When we leave the box and our limiting beliefs, judgments and expectations, when we stop wanting, trying and seeking, the inherent creative self can emerge and the magic flows.
Connecting and moving mindfully with another person takes the adventure even further! Our subjective perspective gets attuned with the reality around us. Playfully we explore communicating through touch, sharing balance, moving together and making our interactions a dance.
It is not necessary to have previous experience with any of the practices or to have physical prerequisites. Two legs, two arms and a portion of curiosity and openness is all you need. You can come on your own or with your partner or a friend.


Every day will start with 90 minutes of Yoga in the morning.
After breakfast we continue with 2 hours of movement explorations .
After lunch we will either have an afternoon or evening session (Thai-Yoga-Massage, meditation, silent walk in nature, Yoga technique, Yin Yoga).
Some afternoon we can go to the river. Some evening we might have a campfire.
You will have enough time to rest, read, chill in a hammock (tbc), enjoy the garden or just spend time on your own.

More info

Start Date

Sat 3rd Sep 2022

End Date

Fri 9th Sep 2022



From 710 €
Including accommodation and food