Voice & Crystal SoundHealing

The Voice and Sound were cheriched by all spiritual traditions all over history as a mean to communicate with the invisible, to connect with oneself and bring messages to the brotherhood.
In this current movement  of self-empowerment, we are being invited to express our true nature, through the voice and sound

“If you want to find the secrets of  the Universe, you have to think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” – Nikola Tesla

Everything in the Universe is vibration and everything pulses, everything has a rhythm. When we get out of our own pulse (on a physical, mental/emotional or spiritual level) we enter disharmony. The symphony that We Are, becomes out of tune.
It is now fully accepted scientifically, that Sound has direct effects on people’s DNA, health and mood.
As the Crystal (SiO2 Silica) has a pulsation similar to the human body, it resonates naturally with the human being, promoting healing processes.
Combining the Voice with the Crystal Sound is very powerful.
“You don’t sing well. You should not sing” is very commonly said.
I know from a scientific point of view that is not possible for a living being to have a bad voice.
Our true voice is beautiful but is buried under several layers of social voices, professional voices, etc.
When we connect with oneself, we can peel this onion and express our true essence with the One Voice.

We will be presented different aproaches&styles in order for each one, to choose the one that ressonates with oneself

When we sing together, we connect on a deep level with everyone and there is a special realm that is created.

The Retreat is suitable for everyone, every level of experience, and you don’t need to have an instrument nor know about music theory.
Gravito is a magical place, with a lovely and heartful team.
All the ingredients are prepared for a wonderful experience of learning and enjoying.

You will receive a personal object and a certificate.


Activities: (they can be changed or adapted to better serve the group)
Day 0
Shamanic Journey with Miguel Humblet

Day 1
Theory of Sound and SoundHealing
Crystal Instruments
Tonal Chanting
Crystal SoundHealing

Day 2
The muscles of Voice
Vocal Techinique
Singing Your Note
Song of the Soul
Overtone Chanting

More Info : euphoniacrystal@gmail.com

Start Date

The 28th of April

End Date

The 30th of April


José Martins


José Martins was born in old Lisbon 47 years ago and has facilitated more than 900 HealingSound group sessions.
After 10 years at the service of Mechanical Engineering, his inner voice pushed him to discover and experience spirituality. This maturation took place 22 years ago with a deepening of the practice following the teachings of a Spiritual Master – Sri Chinmoy.
In order to expand the Being and his ability to share his I AM, he obtained several trainings, namely: Yoga, Ayurvedic Massage, Laughter Yoga, Coaching, Reiki, Quantum Healing, Pyramidology, Numerology, SoundHealing and Sacred Geometry.
The approach to the energy of Lys expanded his capacity and integrated Sound and Vibration as a vehicle for Transmutation and Healing. He felt it ideal to share his knowledge of Mantras and Crystal Bowls, and named the project euphonia (from ancient Greek, harmonious sounds) and has already released several recordings as part of his Service.
After training in Overtones chanting with Roman Lampaya, he is now also part of this powerful etheric healing tool.
Physically, José introduced in Portugal, the Crystal Pyramids and Tuning Forks and other Crystal Sound Beings, to enhance the sessions and bring new vibrational spectrums to all of us;
José has given Training and has distributed the Crystal Beings in Portugal through the online store www.euphoniacrystal.com/shop.

Value of the Retreat: