The Lone Wolf Times Are Over

Sacred Masculine & Brotherhood.

You know the biggest reason I’m on this path?!
Because I felt uncomfortable, because I felt alone, because I felt I couldn’t find depth with my brothers, with men. I thought I was alone with many of my fears and doubts.
This retreat becomes a self-explanatory experience.
I am not here to show you something that had not already been done in the past.
I am not here to discuss which is the right way or the perfect approach to enter into the sacred masculine.
I am just one more man, present, willing to heal in brotherhood, to remember how close we can be and how much we need each other.
This work will be an ancestral reminder of how we can be balanced with our polarities. With the gentleness of the protector and the power of being vulnerable.
“The lone wolf times are over”, edition III.
It will be an opportunity to recognise ourselves as men.
To challenge our comforts.
To connect with Spirit, with the elements and with nature in the purest and simplest way.
We will explore our physical limits, shelter our emotions, trust our guides and find our way to navigate in this Great
Mystery that is life.
Brotherhood will be our foundation to remember the ancient ways of gathering and bringing to life all our potential to be reflected in all fields of our life.
From this experience we will have all the tools to find comfort in our hearts, embodying our truth and integrity as Men.


➳ Men’s Sharing Circles
➳ Men’s Sharing Circles
➳ Shadow Work
➳ Shamanic Journey & Practices
➳ Archetypes Embodiment
➳ Nature Exploration
➳ Intuitive Speaking
➳ Osho Dynamic Meditation
➳ Manifestation & Liberation Rituals
➳ Sacred Fire Ceremony
➳ Sunrise Gathering
➳ River Ritual
➳ Ice Bath
➳ Vision Quest Breathwork and Trauma Release.
➳ Body Awareness


➳ Sacred Masculine Embodiment
➳  Sacred Masculine
➳  Archetypes; King, Magician, Lover, Warrior
➳  Shamanism
➳  Primal Movement
➳  Trauma
➳  Sacred Union of Masculine and Feminine
➳  Four Directions, Four Elements
➳  Felt Sense
➳  Embodiment Practices
More Information

Start Date

20th July 2023

End Date

24th July 2023


Miguel Sevilhano


Miguel Sevilhano is a holistic therapist since 2005, moved by curiosity, he developed the ability to heal others with his own healing.
Lover of Nature, he combines various techniques in a natural way, blending the ancient and spiritual principles of Ayurveda, with a precise vision of Osteopathy, the gentleness of Cranial-Sacral therapy and with Breathwork for releasing traumas.

His work goes beyond 1:1 sessions, group rituals, group healing sessions are his passion, he facilitates the work for the Sacred Masculine.

The Price

Early Bird (until 15 may ): 523€
Normal Price (from 16 may): 590€
300 € accommodation/food.