Join us on a Journey of Awakening Feminine Gateways to open and awaken into Womb Consciousness

This is a Journey through the Grail Gates of the Scared land of your own feminine centre, we will connect to and awaken archetypes held within your magnetic roots within your womb space and gateways.
– as taught by Fountain Of Life


  • Maiden – Yoni
  • Shamanic Journey into the Yoni
  • Healing The Voice
  • Yoni Cleansing
  • Yoni Healing
  • Mother – G Spot
  • Shamanic Journey into the G Spot
  • Cultivating Gratitude
  • Embodiment
  • G Spot Meditation
  • Crone – Cervix
  • Shamanic Journey into the Cervix
  • Heart Awakening
  • Heart Womb Connection & Awakening
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Cosmic Womb – Black Light of Womb Consciousness
  • Shamanic Journey into the Black Light
  • Womb Awakening
  • Womb Manifestation
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Start Date

Tue 15th Jun 2021

End Date

Mon 21st Jun 2021


Rebecca Wilson

Yoga Teacher


Investment £ 1010.00 GBP