The dance between letting go and doing

Enjoy a week of mindful Vinyasa Yoga that will deeply root you in your feet and in your life, playful Contact and Acro Yoga (Yang) and a blend of deep Restorative Yoga (Yin) to listen inwards and give yourself time to heal.

Yin & Yang

It ́s all about balance. The principle of Yin & Yang builds the foundation for balance in the universe, nature, life and the human being.
Health means balance between Yin &Yang. Health for the physical body, the mind and the soul. Cultivate balance, harmony and freedom in your life on and off the yogamat.


Flow with the breath through inspiring, creative and dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga sequences and explore this physical challenging strengthening and detoxifying practice. Enjoy the dance of breath and movement called moving meditation.


Surrender into the slow pace and deep opening of Yin Yoga which challenges you to be in the pure presence of awareness. It combines meditation and asana into a very deep yoga practice.
Experience deep immersion and allowing, listen to your inner voice and connect to your true nature and inner wisdom. Breath, meditation and asana merge into a deep, liberating, and wholesome yoga practice.
In a Yang dominated morning practice we explore dynamic movement with creative flowing Vinyasa Yoga and energising breathing techniques.

In the afternoon we dive into the meditative stillness with deep opening Yin and Restorative Yoga Asanas. We are going to explore different types of meditation. On other days we will start the day with a ’Slow – Flow’ Vinyasa practice followed by a longer meditation and end the day with playful Contact and Acro Yoga

Time to connect with yourself and others.

Start Date

Sat 9th Sep 2017

End Date

Sat 16th Sep 2017


Nina Pach

Yoga Instructor


618 € discount before 15th of March
648 € discount before 15th of May
698 €