A 7 day retreat to dive into the depths of you. Strip yourself bare, take off what you no longer need.

Let go and liberate yourself. Reprogram outdated beliefs and dance to the rhythm of your truth. Eat, Dance, Laugh and Communicate nakedly with or without your clothes on…

We loved the land of Gravito so much, not just for its beauty but for the whole experience, and how the space has been created and held so beautifully from Shoba and Miguel. it served and opened its heart to NAKED The Retreat and was a perfect setting for that we invite. So it was a blessing when we managed to get a slot for 2017.

Are you ready to breathe life back into your very being and fall in love with your self? Come dive with us.

Simon & Dara have created a truly outlandish 7 day fun, reLOVEutionary retreat, taking you on a physical, emotional and mental journey within. Combining yoga, acro yoga, dance, meditation, neuroscience, emotional release, communicating transparently, sharing circles, music and healthy eating.

Turn off your mobile phones, disconnect from the internet, shift your environment and deeply connect to yourself and others in the sacred space called KI-RA. This is where the real work takes place. You want to make the world a better place, you want to create real change in your life and on this planet? then do the inner work and make a conscious decision to live your wildest dream, dare to be great and co-create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

We are the way, we are it. Nobody is coming to save or do the work for us.
Freedom from suffering is our birthright and NAKED is that call to freedom.

Don’t second guess or over analyse, just ask yourself does this feel like your path? does it excite you? does it scare you? if YES then apply. Our motto is this; if your dreams are not scary then they are not big enough.

This is not just about taking your clothes off. Can you get NAKED in your words, actions, feelings and thoughts?

Start Date

Sun 16th Jul 2017

End Date

Sun 23rd Jul 2017



Co-creator & Facilitator of NAKED


Co-creator & Facilitator of NAKED


€ 620

NAKED is offered on the basis of the gift economy. For further information please head over to the website.

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