Feminity. Responsibility. Unity

If you have already been in a woman’s circle, then you know that it is all it takes for magic to reveal itself. If not, come and witness.Gathering as women is not only a privilege that brings so much grace & joy, it is also a collective mission for the world. And the world more than ever needs awakened hearts and womenthat stand in their power.

This retreat is an invitation to realize and anchor the beauty of living in a woman’s body, embracing its complexity and take responsibility for our individual work to serve a higher collective purpose of peace and harmony.

Together we re learn how to relate to one another and to Nature with love, compassion and gratitude so we relate better to all that is around us and beyond.

Together we practice care, truth & support. We give each other the courage to speak and free what stands in the way of being in touch with our pure essence, tender, in peace & joyful.

One heart at the time, dreaming a better world, weaving new pathways. You presence is needed. Your actions matter.

Join this safe space of liberation, expression and transformation.

Receive the gift to hold and be held. To witness and be witnessed. To love and be loved.

We are here to celebrate the work accomplished, we hold each other accountable for the one yet to do, and we honor we are at.

We are here to make peace with ourselves, peace with our sisters, peace with our brothers and peace with the unknown.

We are here to remember the power of prayer, the dance of our souls & the sacredness of Life.

We are here to give permission to the wise, wild & playful woman that lives inside us.

And as the language of our wombs, our hearts and Nature is Whisper we will also receive the most precious medicine of Silence

“The Circle has healing power. In the Circle, we are all equal. No one is in front of you, no one is behind you,no one is above you, no one is below you. The Sacred Circle is designed to create unity.” Lakota Chief

As we come together in a circle, we made the conscious decision to offer only shared accommodation in Tipis or Domes.

Spaces limited to 14 women for a deeper connexion & support.

Dates: May 24 to 29

One unique price : 1111 euros *

The price includes:

  • Food & 5 nights accommodation

  • All activities

  • Guidance & support

  • A 1:1 hypnosis call prior to the retreat start to begin the work and understand what brings you here.

  • A group integration call after the retreat

BOOK BEFORE FEBRUARY 22 to enjoy our early bird for 999 euros

If you do not have the financial capacity and would like to join, please reach out.

A deposit of 30% is required to secure your booking.

In case of cancellation, your deposit is not refundable and can be transferred to any other retreat of your choice held by Dina and/or her partner.

Body awareness / Dance, Yoga, Somatic practices

Hypnosis & meditation

Womb connection

Yoni gazing & steaming

Feminine cycles

Guilt & Shame work

Relationship work & radical truth

Shamanic journey & Sound

Voice activation

Song & Prayer

Self Inquiry & Journaling 

Emotion & energy release practices

Daily circles

Fire ceremonies

Wind ritual

Water blessing

Earth offering

Practices to unleash creativity

24 hours of Silence

More info

Start Date

24th of May 2024

End Date

29th of May 2024



About Dina ``Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there.`` Rumi Dina creates spaces that allow and encourage transformation, emotional awareness and openness. She has been trained in different practices such as yoga(Vinyasa, Yin, Womb yoga), hypnosis, dance, Thai massage & Sound healing, all pointing towards the same direction. She is passionate about the human existence and invites a deeper connection to the body wisdom, to the exploration of the psyche mysteries and to Nature. She holds presence for you to develop intimacy with yourself and walk with transparency, relaxed, peaceful and open. Dina is devoted to healthy and loving ways of relating to oneself, to others and to all that is. The spaces she offers are an extension of the life she choses to live, in the heart & in harmony with nature and the human condition. She is always learning and growing and she shares with respect and generosity what truly touched her on her journey. She finds meaning in traditions & practices - yoga, non dualistic teaching, ancestral ways and ancient wisdom - that serve humans, beauty and Life. Giving thanks to all the teachers that guided and keep guiding her on the way. Dina opens both women and mixed circles together as she truly believes that women need men wisdom and men need women wisdom. The individual work she opens is deeply rooted in a collective intention. She has dedicated her work in service of other beings since 2019.