Men's retreat/training

Magic happens when it is witnessed.

One way to preserve it is to transmit it and spread it for eternity.

The magic I speak about could be life, but concretely I speak about the magic that happens when a group of people sit together in a circle.

When humans share their experiences in a non-judgemental space, when they explore their voice, when they allow themselves to connect with the other in the art of sharing and listening, magic happens.

Connecting to our innermost being, taking responsibility for what we feel and how we hear our own voice. It is an opportunity for us to connect deeply with ourselves and inspire others to heal… as we heal together.

I had access to this experience some years ago in sharing circles, where I found so much healing magic, where I was able to truly connect with other brothers, with their pain, with their joy and access the inner self that was hidden just by allowing myself to hear what others were saying.

Often the voices of other brothers were inner voices that were preserved in my silence and suffering.

This retreat is a training and a healing experience.

A training to be able to spread this magic of sharing circles through the various communities.

Where you will also work on your healing, so that you can access your truth and integrity.

To grow the leader that is within you.

You will be given foundations, to lead circles and create your rituals.

You will be given foundations to be able to create your own style and from there develop your own magic, spreading this healing work of the masculine as much as we can.

It is necessary!

There are many brothers in silence who suffer and need this brotherhood and access to vulnerability.

This is our mission.

I count on you, my brother

With all my love!


➳ Men’s Sharing Circles
➳ Shadow Work
➳ Shamanic Journey & Practices
➳ Archetypes Embodiment
➳ Nature Exploration
➳ Intuitive Speaking
➳ Osho Dynamic Meditation
➳ Manifestation & Liberation Rituals
➳ Sacred Fire Ceremony
➳ Sunrise Gathering
➳ River Ritual
➳ Ice Bath
➳ Vision Quest Breathwork and Trauma Release.
➳ Body Awareness
➳ Temazcal
➳ Sound Journeys


➳ Sacred Masculine Embodiment
➳ Archetypes; King, Magician, Lover, Warrior
➳ Shamanism
➳ Foundations of Leadership
➳ Circles Principals
➳ Sacred Union of Masculine and Feminine
➳ Four Directions
➳ Four Elements
➳ Body Awareness
➳ Holding Space


Miguel Sevilhano

I’m an holistic therapist since 2005, moved by curiosity, I developed the ability to heal others with my own healing.

Loving to observe the dynamics of nature, my approach is a combination of various techniques in a natural way, blending the ancient and spiritual principles of Ayurveda, with a precise vision of Osteopathy, the gentleness of Cranial-Sacral therapy and Breathwork for releasing traumas.

My work goes from 1:1 sessions to group rituals and group healing sessions.
I facilitate also the work for the Sacred Masculine creating healthy Brotherhood.

I want to give thanks to all my teachers/mentors, who during my journey as a student have enriched me in my own healing as well as the healing of my patients.

Each course has been a reconstruction of my being.
Upledger Institute for Cranial Sacral Therapy;
Dr. Ruguê and International Academy of Ayurved for Ayurveda;
Biodynamic Breathwork And Trauma Release System with Giten Tonkov;
Bioenergetics with Prem Milan;
Dr. Gabor Maté for Compassion Inquiry;
Homa and Mukto for Tantra;
Sacred Sons for “Connecting Men to there Heart” and mine as well!! .
And all the therapist that help me.


The Conditions

✡ The price includes:

– All practices mentioned in the program

– Accommodation in a dome or tipi for 4 people (very comfortable beds)

– Full board (delicious organic meals prepared with love and care from local products from the dinner on April 25th until the brunch on April 29th 2024)

– Yoga mat and all the necessary equipment for the different practices during the whole retreat

✡ The price does not include:

– Flights

– Return transfers to/from the airport

– Travel and liability insurance

– Temazcal / Sweatlodge

✡ No prerequisites. Every men are welcomed.

✡ The Retreat will be held in English.

As the facilitator is Portuguese, there will be a possibility for occasional translation in Portuguese. Know that you are also always welcome to share in the circle in your Native Language.

Payment and Cancellation policy

➳Pay accommodation and food directly to Gravito retreat Center

➳ Pay a deposit of 200€ via the link below

➳ The remain balance will be paid at your arrival in Gravito in cash

➳ In case of cancellation by the participant for personal reasons:

Non-refundable deposit

If cancellation less than one month before departure, the total balance is due

➳ In case of cancellation by the participant for force majeure:

Deposit transferred to a future retreat


It’s not included.
All the organisation for the transport will be given later with a group.

How to register

➳ ➳ Fill in the registration Form (click in the image) and Pay a deposit of 200€ via the link below
➳ ➳ You only secure your place when you have both Form and Deposit made

More info

Start Date

25th April 2024

End Date

29th April 2024


The Price

Early Bird* (until 23/01): 523€
Normal Price* (from 24/01): 590€

*(10% discount for brother who came already to one of my Men Retreat )
340 € accommodation/food.