We remember every day,
what we have conquered and what is revealed to us.
Not always achieved, not always we allow ourselves the first step.
The question arises, how can we remember what we are without something preventing us from being?
My brothers, for many reasons we continue to launch these works, for some reasons we continue to allow this work in ourselves and in others, for all the reasons we want to remember what we really are.
One of the explanations we find is the reminder that we are not alone, we need our brother to remind us, we need a brother to be a mirror, we need a shoulder to lean on, we need support to be able to receive this love.
Our conviction to do this work together is just that. Alex and I, we remember each other, we are inspired by each other and from this created strength we want to put ourselves at your service, my brother.
We will create opportunity for you to explore yourself as men, We will explore which masks you must drop, We will explore the emotions held back all these years, We will explore your physical limits, We will explore your purpose and the beliefs that limit you from achieving. We’ll celebrate the simplicity of life with Mother Nature.
We will explore much, my brother, with one great certainty… We will do this together.
With power and discipline, with truth and vulnerability, With love and safety.
Let the great spirit be our guide, May we represent what it means to be human, with all the opportunities you give us every day in Life.
With all our Love


  • Men’s Sharing Circles
  • Shadow Work
  • Shamanic Journey & Practices
  • Archetypes Embodiment
  • Nature Exploration
  • Osho Dynamic Meditation
  • Manifestation & Liberation Rituals
  • Sacred Fire Ceremony
  • Sunrise Gathering
  • River Ritual
  • Ice Bath
  • Vision Quest Breathwork and Trauma Release.
  • Body Awareness
  • Temazcal (Sweat Lodge)
  • Sound Journeys


  • Sacred Masculine Embodiment
  • Archetypes; King, Magician, Lover, Warrior
  • Shamanism
  • Sacred Union of Masculine and Feminine
  • Four Directions
  • Four Elements
  • Body Awareness
  • Body Activations


Alex Wirthl

10 Years ago, Alex was working in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
From the outside he appeared to be a successful manager, in reality he was living an unhappy, unfulfilled, and depressed life.
He then went on a quest, which took him deep inside himself, radically changing his lifestyle values and world views.
Nowadays Alex has a background in Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork and Nutrition. He unites all his skills in Men’s Work, allowing his knowledge to run full circle, alchemizing it into wisdom.
Alex has been facilitating for the past 9 years, the aim of his work is simple:
To support humans to return and to open their hearts

Miguel Sevilhano

I’m an holistic therapist since 2005, moved by curiosity, I developed the ability to heal others with my own healing.

Loving to observe the dynamics of nature, my approach is a combination of various techniques in a natural way, blending the ancient and spiritual principles of Ayurveda, with a precise vision of Osteopathy, the gentleness of Cranial-Sacral therapy and Breathwork for releasing traumas.

My work goes from 1:1 sessions to group rituals and group healing sessions.
I facilitate also the work for the Sacred Masculine creating healthy Brotherhood.

I want to give thanks to all my teachers/mentors, who during my journey as a student have enriched me in my own healing as well as the healing of my patients.

Each course has been a reconstruction of my being.
Upledger Institute for Cranial Sacral Therapy;
Dr. Ruguê and International Academy of Ayurved for Ayurveda;
Biodynamic Breathwork And Trauma Release System with Giten Tonkov;
Bioenergetics with Prem Milan;
Dr. Gabor Maté for Compassion Inquiry;
Homa and Mukto for Tantra;
Sacred Sons for “Connecting Men to there Heart” and mine as well!! .
And all the therapist that help me.


The price includes

  • All practices mentioned in the program
  • Accommodation in a dome or tipi for 4 people (very comfortable beds)
  • Full board (delicious organic meals prepared with love and care from local products from the dinner on September 8th until the brunch on September 12th 2023)
  • Yoga mat and all the necessary equipment for the different practices during the whole retreat

The price does not include

  • Flights

  • Return transfers to/from the airport

  • Travel and liability insurance

  • Temazcal

More info

Start Date

Fri 8th Sep 2023

End Date

Tue 12th Sep 2023


Alex Wirthl



Early Bird (until 15/08)
€ 523.00

Normal Price
€ 590.00