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What we facilitate at Gravito

With our 20 years experience in running holistic centres in the UK and Portugal we are offering you a vibrant, well-held space where you can teach in great harmony, unfolding your creativity in an open, safe and sacred environment.

Yoga, Healing, Chi Kung, Tantra, Meditation, Massage, Ceremonies, Shamanic work and courses, Music & Art workshops, Dance and more…
Excursions to mountains, waterfalls, lakes and river beaches.
We also organise canoeing trips in beautiful lake sites near Gravito.

A truly magical setting in which to run your retreats

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In total appreciation of everything you guys have done for us, it's been a total honour and pleasure to be around you for this month. You are all beautiful, unique, creative creatures. Thank you!


Oh my god this place is insane!! WOW! A real vision manifested. Thanks to all of you here and to Gravito. Once met forever entwined. Huge love.


Nature Nurture Gravito, suspended in levity of infinite Heart opening, grace opening in this space of Vision , unfoldment and evolution into spaciousness of superconciousness...love beyond belief


Love and gratitude to each and every one of you beautiful people for your love and care and sensitive attentiveness during this chapter of my journey. Infinite love.


Gravito family, Thank you for the love and nurture and the opportunity to be a part of this beautiful space. I hope to return next year. Love


I loved it all: utter bliss and serenity. A beautiful backdrop for an incredible couple of yoga retreats. Gravito will always hold a special place in my heart and sets itself apart from the rest in the small details and the warmth and love of our hosts- beautiful Gravito family. Thank you.

Laura OliverYoga Teacher

A unique and magical place perfect for transformative and restorative work. The food and accommodation are outstanding and staying here feels like a home from home.

Katy MolloyYoga Teacher

Gravito is keeping the dream alive, the fire burning, the connection with Mother Earth. This is a very special place where real transformation is possible.

Nick GreenYoga Teacher